Thursday, January 18, 2007

Spotted Recently:LL on TRL Will Smith in Japan

LL Cool J was on TRL to promote his finess book LL Cool J's Platinum Workout where he shares his favoutite recipes and fitness work out . He took the opportunity to dispel rumours about him having gone under the knife:
" I constantly get,'Did you have any plastic surgery? Did you take steroids?' It's disheartening. Find a plastic surgeon that worked on me and I'll give you a million dollars", he says.

Will Smith in Japan
No end to the Will Smith publicity machine as he arrives to a fan and media frenzy in Japan to promote his movie In Persuit of Happyness.


Miss Chi Chi said...

I will trade places with Vanessa in a heartbeat!

slyy said...

I had a feeling you'd say that. That whole moment of silence thing on your blog had me laughing!!