Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ray J Sex Tape?

The hottest gossip is that R&B singer and Brandy's brother, Ray J made a sex tape with ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian and are trying to sell it. Due to several legal issues, the tape cannot be out on the market yet although,as with all these sort of things, a few people have viewed it. Kim has denied the existence of the sex tape.
New York Daily News reports:

Paris Hilton's bff Kim Kardashian has denied she made a sex tape with her R&B singer ex, Ray J. So why are they trying to sell one?

We spoke to a gentleman who says he viewed the tape and that it is being brokered for the very Dr. Evil price of one meeellion dollars.

"It's your typical graphic sex tape," he says.

We'll spare you the exact description (you can probably guess), but he did say "there's a golden shower at the end."


[Source: New York Daily News]

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