Saturday, January 06, 2007

Joe & Jodeci Perform on Valentine's Day

I'm really excited about this. Joe Thomas and legendary RnB band(and my favourite group of all time!)Jodeci are perfoming a joint concert on Valentine's at the Hammersmith Apollo in London. Last year's Jodeci concert on Valentines day was so huge they added two extra dates and the shows were off the chain. I cant wait for this one.

This is Joe's last single Where You At feat Papoose and probably the most slept of single of 2006.

Why did the world sleep on this record?


Keli said...

Ahhh, I miss Jodeci...that is the pre-crack "Forever My Lady" version of.

slyy said...

I know what you mean. But I have to say the 'crack' version did put on a very good show last year.

Anonymous said...

I just love Jodeci they are the best group with great vocals and producing skills!! I LOVE JODECI!!!