Friday, January 12, 2007

La Toya Jackson on Armed & Famous

Oh, how times have changed. Times must really be getting kinda hard on the Jackson Boulevard. There one was a time when the Jackson family was such hot property that to get any member of the Jacskon family to make an appearance or an interview was either an impossible feat or you'd have to shell out a fortune.

Now you can't avoid them. One is half naked on countless magazine covers (Janet).The other in hiding-then maybe looking to do Vegas..who'd have thought? (Michael). The other is on a reality show called Celebrity Big brother (Jermaine). The other has been a judge or has made apperances on several UK reality TV shows (Tito).The parents (Joe & Katherine) have been on countless documentaries relating to Michael.

Then there's La Toya. Well La Toya the once prodigal Jackson has been on a US reality series called Armed & Famous where is of all things a cop. She has been tasered and claims to have assisted a pregnant woman give birth on the side of a motorway when all she did was assist the poor woman out of her car and take her to waiting midwives!

The show started in the States in on the 10th of January and has other D-listers Erik Estrada and Jack Osbourne.

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