Thursday, January 25, 2007

New Ashanti Track: You Can't Deny It feat Jim Jones

Sampling 2pac's Ambitionz Az A Ridah and featuring rapper Jim Jones this song was leaked in the last couple of days and is rumoured to be taken from Ashanti's upcoming album, not sure how true this is,though. I love the track and if this song is in anyway a reflection of her album then there are good things to come. Looks like her collaborative effort on Pac's Life is really paying off and has put her in the right musical direction.

Listen Here


Keli said...

I need her to leave her whackness off of Tupac's legacy.

slyy said...

Im guessing you don't love the song...or the artist then, Keli

Anonymous said...

This song is so hott i think ashanti is going to comeback with a banger and make a numba 1 return to tha rnb charts