Saturday, January 20, 2007

Jackson Family Latest...

Randy Jackson Suffers Heart Attack

The word from Switzerland is that Randy Jackson, the younger brother of Michael, has been hospitalized with a heart attack.

Some Jackson insiders say that Randy, who worked as Michael’s manager and adviser during his child molestation trial, is just “exhausted.”

Randy Jackson is relatively young at 46 years old, but has spent most of the last couple of years caught up in his older brother’s strange world.[Source]

Michael Negotiates Las Vegas Appearances

Michael Jackson remains at the MGM Signature in Las Vegas, where some kind of deal is being negotiated for him to perform in Sin City on a regular basis.

There’s talk that the newly named Planet Hollywood Hotel, formerly the Aladdin, wants him, but many obstacles remain, including insurance.

Jackson did finally meet with his parents recently, the first time he’s seen them since leaving the U.S. in June 2005. I’m told the meeting in Vegas went well mostly because Grace Rwaramba, Jackson’s children’s nanny, has been away in Utah.

At Mickey Fine Pharmacy in Beverly Hills, a source there says the $100,000 that Jackson recently paid up was mostly for the cream he uses to whiten his skin, as well as a raft of other prescriptions. [Source]

Jermaine's Wife and Tito on Celebrity Big Brother..
Tito Jackson and Jermaine Jackson, Halima were interviewed recently about Jermaine's ability to cope in the mad house.


Jeans Pants said...

So I guess Randy won't be on American Idol this year? OK bad joke

slyy said...

Ha!ha!ha! No, this is a different Randy to the one on American Idol. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on you views),the new season of AI has started and that Randy is very much on it.