Saturday, December 09, 2006

X-Factor :Vote Leona

The X-Factor semi-final on tonight guys. She will sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland and I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston. Y'all know what to do. Vote Leona!

In other news....Jamelia reportedy slams Leona.

UK songstress Jamelia has blasted X Factor's Leona - describing her as "a bit Mariah Carey circa 1990".

She told pop chart Hit 40 UK host Lucio: "Leona's great, she's has an amazing voice but she's a bit Mariah Carey circa 1990. I don't know how she will fit into the music industry."

The singer's comments have apparently enraged Leona's mentor Simon Cowell, who hit back saying: "I am getting very angry. Someone is trying to get at Leona through launching a dirty tricks campaign."

He told The Sun newspaper: "It is completely unnecessary - Leona is a very talented girl and this is all very unfair."

-Sounds to me like somebody's feeling very nervous of her throne being taken over very soon. Her recent single 'Beware of the Dog is currently sitting at #34 in the UK charts while the interest in Leona is huge on both sides of the pond!

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