Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Lil' Kim to Appear in Celebrity Big Brother?

According to the rumours doing the rounds Lil' Kim will be one of the housemates in the latest Celebrity Big Brother which starts on the 3rd of January.Already trouble has started to brew before production has started.

Lil' Kim is reportedly rowing with Channel 4 execs after demanding £500,000(US$1 million) to appear on the show.

Kim, real name is Kimberly Jones, was originally offered £255,000 (just over US$500 000) to star in the show but has demanded double that figure.

However, Kim is now said to be considering an offer of nearly £400,000 - but has also made a list of diva demands, reports The Sun Newspaper.

Her wish list includes:
-final approval of all footage of her
-a personal assistant and a hairdresser and make-up stylist on stand-by,
-a first class trip-for-two around the US and accommodation and a two-week holiday for two in London.

A show source said: "She may be small but she has a larger-than-life". [Source]

If this is all true :

a) she really must be desperate now;let's face it, the show is usually for D to Z-list celebs desperate to resuscitate their dying careers,

b) after her court case and stint in jail things must relly be tight and she definitely must have major bills to pay and

c) how will be able to she pre-approve any footage of her when its a live show?? duuhhh!!

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