Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ashanti & Nelly Engaged??

According to Vibe Cofidential, unconfirmed rumours surrouding the two suggest that they got engaged over the Christmas holidays. We'll let you know for sure whether this is true or whether it turns out to be like one of Jay-Z/Beyonce rumours.

Oprah Moves In With Steadman

In other relationship news...after more than twenty years, Oprah and her longtime beau, Steadman Graham are finally moving in together.

According to Life and Style magazine, Oprah, 52, and Stedman Graham, 55, are set to make it official that they're going to cohabitate, possibly in the
US$ 6 million dollars Chicago apartment thatOprah just bought.

Amidst these rumours, speculations are also high that this could be the first step towards an Oprah-Stedman wedding.

The magazine's source believes that at 52, Oprah, has probably proved that she is a strong independant woman, and she is finally "happy to let Stedman have what he wants."

While an Oprah representative downplayed talk of nuptials, it confirmed the news.[Source]

Must be something in the festive air,then!


Keli said...

Nelly and Ashanti engaged? Say it ain't so...oh well.

slyy said...

Well these are unconfirmed rumours so don't get disapointed just yet. We'll see in the New Year. There's hope yet, Keli.

Anne said...

I guess we should say that he is moving in with her.

slyy said...

Yep,no question of it being the other way round, he definitely is the one moving in with Oprah..lucky for some!