Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Halle Berry to Release an Album

I came across this story yesterday and I first wanted to get it checked out in case it was one of the many celebrity jokes and rumours floating all about the place.

Apparently, Halle Berry will soon be making the transition from Oscar-winning actress to recording artist.[look out Jamie!]

The actress recently confirmed in the December issue of Ebony magazine that she has finished working on a new album entitled "Halle."

The new album was originally set to be released on January 9, 2007. However, a tight filming schedule has forced the star to postpone the release date to February 6 instead.

In an exclusive interview with the magazine, Halle revealed that she's always wanted to sing and believes her new album will showcase her other talent.

She said, "I've always loved to sing and this album will show people that I can do more than act." [Source]

-Now I don't know what ya'll think about this but like every full bllooded male on this universe I love Halle Berry. Why,then, I am not too thrilled about the prospect of this venture into music? Next thing we'll be hearing that Samuel L Jackson, having spent time with 50 Cent on the set of his new movie, will be releasing a hip-hop album??! I mean we've seen it all before,where will it stop!

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