Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hey guys sorry I didnt post anything yesterday, I had a few technical issues that had to be resolved. So much happened yesterday. I'll give you a brief summary.....

Nicole Richie Arrested
Firstly, Nicole Richie was busted early Monday morning for DUI. Apparently motorists spotted her SUV driving the wrong way on a freeway. When cops approached her vehicle she was on her cellpohone and admitted to taking Vicodin and smoking pot. No alcohol was detected in tests. Her booking sheet revealed she was 85 pounds in weight (roughly 38kilos) [Daaaamn!]

Nicoles mugshot

Foxy Brown In Court
After already having to appear in court several times this year, Foxy Brown was called before a judge yesterday for possibly violating her probation.

Foxy was summoned into court unexpectedly after being accused of violating her probation as a result of an altercation she had in a nail salon two years ago.Foxy was accused of failing to keep appointments with probation officers attend mandatory anger management classes and submit to drug testing.

Foxy was accused of flouting the court ordered conditions of her probationand she asked for special treatment. She allegedly said, 'I'm not like them [others on probation].'"

Brown commented on the request for special treatment by saying, "My safety was in jeopardy. I didn't think they were going to throw me in with the wolves."

[A day in the life of Foxy I guess]

Busta Rhymes Charged

In other court news, Busta Rhymes was charged with a misdemeanor weapons charge yesterday for possessing a machete cops found in his vehicle when he was arrested in August.

In addition, Bus is already charged with misdemeanor assault for beating up a man who accidentally spat on his car. Busta turned down prosecutors' plea deal to serve six months in jail for the assault.

Busta's lawyer, Robert Kalina, calls the case "selective prosecution" of a rap star. On the other hand, prosecutors argue that six months is too light of a sentence considering Busta's history of violence.

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