Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hot EXCLUSIVE New Artist Profile: XP

Welcome to our brand new New Artist feature. I am proud to exclusively introduce to you hot new artist, XP. XP hails from Washington DC, and a lot of hype,heat and excitement is being generated surrounding this artist. Recording Industry Executives have predicted that he will be the next ''King of Hip Hop Soul''. He has such a huge fan base in D.C and Maryland that his first album release, titled 'The Scare Spangled Banner',which came out in 2003, was so in demand it retains the second most dowloaded in the Easten region on the website

What are this hot artist's history, background and influences ? Well first and foremost he is related to Thelonius Monk the jazz pianist who, with his unique improvisational style, is often regarded as a founder of bebop.
“Both sides of my family are into music in someway. My mother’s side has a lot of gospel singers & instrument players. My father’s side of the family is full of band and jazz musicians. I was raised on Blues, 70’s funk, and Bob Marley. Riding around with my pops every weekend, I began to memorize the words to all the classic tapes.''

Being exposed to music at a tender age inspired young XP to express himself in many forms before a music career was conceived. XP ventured into poetry at the age of 12 and after his parents split found himself in the tough streets of Uptown DC.
“Mom and pops separated when I was like 5. It was just a lot of drama between them. With a separation of the two people I loved came sort of a separation in my personalities. Mom lived in a house and pops lived in the hood. Naturally I was drawn to the hood side of life so that’s were I stayed most of my teenaged years.” Attached to the treacherous allure of “Uptown D.C.''
He bagan to focus on making money on the streets and began pimping.
''I renounced pimpin several months ago… I will give no specific reason but always remember, with every one gift come a 1,000 curses. I was drowning myself at one point in time, but I came to the light earlier than most of the people around me. I grew up quick.''
The Music
His fantastic latest album, The Black Rose , embraces the ideals of hood life and the reality of the everyday struggle which make his message all the more powerful.Tracks like “Livin In Hell”, “Come Down'' reflect his tough hood upbringing.

Ive got two brilliant tracks from The Black Rose "Pockets on Swoll" and "Come Down" which reflect XP wide range. Pockets on Swoll has that thugged out,jeep bumping, feel-good-about-yourself kinda vibe; ready for the all clubs and streets. The very deep Come Down is a more soulful, reflective kind of joint about living in the rough streets and fighting your demons to make that change...reminiscent of the old Nate Dogg but brilliant.A very refreshing artist whose music has very strong and pertinent message unlike a lot of the hip hop music coming out these days. XP is a true hood poet and deserves every success.

Pockets on Swoll

Come Down

This is what hip-hop is all about!

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