Sunday, February 11, 2007

Norbit Film Premiere

Eddie Murprhy's new movie 'Norbit' had its premiere in Los Angeles on Friday night. As expected the place was brimming with stars and their family.
Eddie Murphy
Eddie's co-star Thandie Newton
Eddie & Thandie

Eddie Murphy and his kids (daaaayum!)
Eddies new girlfirend,Tracey Edmonds
Terry Crews & family
a rather understated Gabrielle Union
Damon Wayans getting his creep on.
Bow Wow (or Wizee!)
Eddie's brother Charlie Q. Murphy and his family
Chris Rock and his on-again-off-again wife Malaak
Jimmy Jam and wife (has anybody seen him without a hat or cap?)
Cedric The Entertainer & his wife
Clifton Powell
Katt Williams
Marlon Wayans
Eddie Griffin & his wife

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