Thursday, February 01, 2007

New Video: Did-he? feat Keyshia Cole-'Last Nite'

This is the third single off Did-he?'s Press Play and continues the trend of the previous two singles of having a female collaborator (the first,Come To Me featured Nicole from PCD and the second, Tell Me, featured Christina Aguilera)

I'm not sure I like this song. After Ja Rule and 50,the world was not ready to hear another rapper singing or trying to sing and especially not Did-he? Keyshia Cole, really put her heart and soul into this and without her, the song wouldn't have amounted to anything. I really feel it should've been 'Keyshia featuring Did-he?' and not the other way round...after all, she did the hard work. Video's good though.


Miss Chi Chi said...

LOL at 'Did-HE!'

Miss Chi Chi said...

I also agree with you on the song being called Keyshia featuring Diddy.

Look at what Ja Rule started and he's barely getting any credit. ALL the rappers now are doing.

My run down of the best
'Help' by Lloyd Banks f/Keri Hilson.
'I'm Real' by Ja Rule f/J.Lo
'Slow Jams' by Kanye West f/ Jaime Foxx.
'Crazy in Love" by Beyonce f/ Jay-Z
'Dilemma' by Kelly Rowland
'My Baby' by Janet Jackson f/Kanye West
'All That I Got is You' by MJB f/Ghostfac Killah
'Waterfalls' by TLC
'Are You That Somebody' by Aaliyah f/Timbaland
'PEaches and Cream' by 112 f/Ludacris
'I Need a Girl Pt.1' by Diddy f/Usher and Loon
'Yeah!' by Usher f/Luda and Lil Jon
'Okay' by Nivea f/Sean Paul
'Look at her' by One Chance f/Fabo
'Superstar' by Keyshia Cole
'So Gone' by Monica f/Missy
'You' by Lloyd f/Lil Wayne
'Oh' by Ciara f/Ludacris
'What They Know' by T.I.
My rundown of the worst
That old Usher and Lil' Kim song.(It's on Usher's My Way album.)
'Thug Loving' by Ja Rule f/ Bobby Brown ( Bobby saved this song but he only do enough to cover up Ja's voice!)
'Song Cry' by Jay-Z and who's on the hook.
'Best Friend' by 50 Cent f/ Olivia (I think Olivia could have done this song alone.)
'Bootylicious' by Destiny's Child f/ Missy Elliott (HELL NAW!)
'Promise REMIX' by ciara f/ R. KElly (If she wants folks to quit comparing her to Aaliyah quit doing songs with her ex!)
'Over and Over Again' by Nelly f/ Tim McGraw (Country and hip-hop?!)
'Whatcha Want' by Tyrese f/Da Brat (She went soft on us!)
'Like I Love You' by Justin Timberlake f/ the Clipse (I think the song he did with Three 6 Mafia is WAYYY beter.)
'Sweat' by Usher f/Rico Love
Slyy I can go on and on here, lol!

slyy said...

Ever thought abiout having a name about Miss DJ. Great list Miss Chi!

Miss Chi Chi said...

Oooh I like that!