Friday, February 09, 2007

New Videos: Akon & Justin Timberlake

Akon-Don't Matter
Never one to want to be confined to just the one box Akon is back with this new single from his Konvicted album.This is a very different sounding track to anything you're likely to hear on the charts at the moment. I love the songs African/Carribean/Spanish influences and think the video is amazing too.

Justin Timberlake-What Goes Around Comes Around
This is Justin's 3rd single from his FutureSex/LoveSounds album. Hard to believe because it feels like the album has been out for years. Starring actress Scarlett Johansson the video is okay but the track has very strong overtones of Cry Me A River from his debut album.Listening to the song I can't help hinking that this should have been one of the many Cry Me A River remixes.

50 Cent disses Cam'ron
50 cent has put out a video dissing Camron. Unfortunately the video has such strong image of gun violence, ammunition and negativitity that I'm not going to post it here. It's one thing putting out a diss record but let it start and end on the record (eg Jay-Z/Nas diss records). Im not not a big fan of either 50 or Camron but i just feel there better ways the video could have been shot and some cuts did not need to be included especially those images of guns and other ammunition.Check out my girl at StraightOuttaNYC to view the video.

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