Friday, February 23, 2007

New Music: Joe-' If I Was Your Man'

Brilliant brand new single from R&B singer Joe from his new album Who Is Joe out in April. This is the 3rd single I have heard so far from the album after 'Where You At' and 'It Wont End' and I'm not sure why it is taking so long for the album to drop. Sometimes record label politics just gets in the way of good music. By he time the album comes out in April, if its not pushed back again,most people would have heard the songs and that could negatively impact reord sales. Most of the album production is by the Tim & Bob and this track is no exception.

The video is also brilliant and stars Blair Underwood, whose is increasingly carving out a new career appearing in music videos.


alilsumthingsumthing said...

Joe has the gift of just keeping things fresh and new.. without compromising his style.. through the years I have continued to love his music.. "If I was your man" is just another hot song from joe's catalog of music..

Rap Songs said...

J-lo is hott