Thursday, November 30, 2006

LL Cool J to join G-Unit?

A few days ago we reported about LL Cool J's beef with Def Jam and one Jay-Z.While LL has a beef with Jay-Z, he seems to be on the same page with 50 Cent, whom he's working with on his next album, his last with Def Jam. 50 is an executive producer on the album to be titled Todd Smith Pt. 2: Back To Cool. LL told MTV that he sees a lot of himself in 50.

"My man has great sensibility. He knows what I like. We're from Queens [New York City]. We're seven years apart in age. He knows what I'm into. We come from the same experience, so the music reflects that."

Yeah well I hope he keeps in mind what happened to Mase's project and how long it took for Mobb Deep's project to drop.

Meanwhile, 50 is working towards completing his next album, which is due out in the spring, next year.

"I want the music to sound like something I haven't done before, so I needed to change the guys I worked with on the last project," 50 told All Headline News. "I've been listening to a lot of Motown stuff — Smokey Robinson, a lot of older music — so I go a lot of soulful loops."

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