Monday, November 27, 2006

Def Jam News: LL Quits, Foxy Walks

After more than twenty years at Def Jam, lip-licking rap legend LL Cool J will not be renewing his contract citing the record label's President, Jay-Z as the reason. LL claims that Jay-Z has put his artists' careers at risk by coming out of retirement. LL also claims he wont re-sign with Def Jam when his contract expires after one more album because it will mean he will be competing directly with the label's boss.

He told MTV, ''How am I gonna re-sign with competition? I'm not a idiot. "I can't depend on that man to promote my record while he's somewhere writing rhymes. I'm LL Cool J. I ain't doing that, B.''

It has to be noted that in October, LL again blamed Jay-Z for failing to market his album ''Todd Smith'' properly. Guess all is not well in that camp.

In other Def Jam news,Foxy Brown's woes continue as this time she is dismissed on a recent interview with Power 105 in the States.

Rapper Foxy Brown tried to direct the flow of questioning during her interview at the radio station and was given the boot for her efforts.

According to the New York Post, the Brooklyn artist refused to answer questions surrounding her rumored dismissal from Def Jam, or that label president Jay-Z had been frustrated over her lack of productivity.

"What people don't know is that I initiated Def Jam ... they could never drop me. I am a multi-platinum artist," she reportedly snapped.

We believe you, Foxy.

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